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Barbara’s playing has frequently been described as very vocal in nature - sort of a “trumpet singer!” She likes it! It’s true!

“Making music is a very personal experience for me as it gives me a chance to express myself through the “character” of the music.  I believe that making GOOD music is like being a GOOD actor. You really have to “get into” the part you’re playing. In my case, the lines are spoken/sung through the various voices of my trumpets!” Barbara is doing just that in her upcoming season!

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Hi, I’m Barbara Prugh and I LIVE to make music for people like you!  I’ve had music “in my veins” ever since I picked up a trumpet at the age of eight, and it has been the energizing force of my life!  I hope there will be an opportunity in the near future for me to share this gift I was given with you, whether in a serious way, a fun way, or otherwise.  The trumpet is such a versatile instrument that we get to DO IT ALL! 

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“I love animals and little kids and would like to do more benefit concerts for their causes in the future. Have ideas? Please contact me about them!”

Barbara Prugh makes the trumpet sing.

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