“Oh Danny Boy”

         Encore - October,2010 - Wilmington, DE



the trumpet singer

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Fresh  Bold  Finesse

Barbara Prugh makes the trumpet sing.

Copyright 2009 Barbara Prugh

Barbara Prugh


                           Harry James “Concerto”

            Performed w/Chesapeake Silver Cornet Band,

                          Russell Murray, Conductor                                                                     

                  October, 2010, Wilmington, DE

“A little trumpet humor”(not perfect but funny!)

“Hungarian Melodies” by Vincent Bach

                    Jeff Fowler, Organ

Wayne Presbyterian Church, Wayne, PA

                  February, 2010

           Ode for Trumpet” by Alfred Reed

Performed w/Academy of Life-Long Learning Band

                        Paul Hess, Conductor

               August, 2010, Concordville, PA